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Coke Oven Machines

Weight saving and environmentally friendly technology

We can provide lifecycle solutions for the design, production, installation, and diagnosis of coke oven machines through technological innovation based on our vast experience and technologies.


  1. 1.We are keeping over 90% domestic market share.
  2. 2.Stable operation and improvement of environmental performance by diagnosis for existing machines.
  3. 3.Modification and repair of existing machines.

Mechanism of coke oven



Coke Oven Machines

We can provide coke oven machines necessary for iron manufacturing such as pusher car, CTC (Guide Car), charging car, and quenching locomotive.

Charging Car: Charge coal into the carbonization room.

Pusher Car: Push coke from the chambers.

CTC (Guide Car): Guide coke to the quenching locomotive.

CTC (Guide Car)

CTC (Guide Car) of emission collecting system*1

Guide car offers excellent environmental performance, realizing a substantial gas reduction that is discharged from the coke oven into the atmosphere. We are the unique company in Japan.

  • *1 Analysis of gas flow between ground duct and connectors by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Machine side door emission collecting system

This emission collecting system has excellent environmental performance to enhance emission collection efficiency, which is also highly appreciated worldwide.

Screw Feeder

We can provide a screw feeder for charging car.
This equipment exhibits a stable charge based on high environmental performance using closed type and constant-volume conveyance.

Self-Rotating Nozzle Gun

We can provide coke oven door cleaner with self-rotating nozzle gun driven by light-pressure water equipment instead of hydraulic pressure models. It enables to reduce costs, improve maintenance and decrease downtime due to oil pressure failure.


The catalog introduces the Self-Rotating Nozzle Gun.

Download the catalog Here

Smart Ram

We can provide a ram beam system that equipped with inner observation device, width measuring device and wall temperature measuring device. It enables to observe wall, measure width and wall temperature of chamber while pushing coke.

Inner observation device: Used to observe the inside of the high-temperature chamber approximately 1200℃ with image.
Width measuring device: Used to measure the dimensions of oven wall roughness that is caused by deterioration.
Wall temperature measuring device: Used to measure the temperature of the wall surface of the chamber. This device can also notify coke-combustion management of a feedback and detect oven wall damage due to a temperature error.


Our coke oven machines can help resolve the following issues.

Cannot determine whether or not an update is required although failures frequently occur due to aging of the mobile machine, and whether or not issues can be resolved by repair or remodeling.
Aging diagnosis

A dedicated "doctor" "diagnoses" the mobile machine then offers you a "prescription".

We conduct aging diagnosis of the mobile machine using our vast design know-how.
We diagnose the degree of aging in the mobile machine by conducting distortion measurement, FEM analysis, non-destructive inspection, etc., and offer optimal countermeasures.

Desire to remodel the machine, but don’t know how.
We propose the optimal remodeling plan based on our vast experience.

Please let us handle all processes, from remodeling and construction to trial operation.

We propose remodeling tailored to your operating conditions and requests using our vast experience, from design to production.

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