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Plant Engineering

Integration of core technology and engineering solutions

We propose our best performance for chemical industries with integration of our engineering solution and our core technologies such as mixing process, reaction process and distillation process, those are substantiated with our several decades career in the plant engineering fields.

We perform best engineering services at any phase from initial planning of chemical plant through detail design, construction, maintenance services for pilot plants, commercial plants etc.


  1. 1.We offer the energy-saving and highly efficient distillation plant with integration of distillation technologies and engineering performance.
  2. 2.We propose innovated separation process for distillation plant in combination with liquid-liquid extraction process.
  3. 3.We provide mixing process plant which is based on our mixing vessels and mixing technologies and is tailored to fit client's needs.
  4. 4.We meet client's requirements for all process from raw material handling process, main process thorough shipment process with our vast know-how.


Distillation plant

We provide high-performance distillation plant along with raw materials handling facilities and tank yards. We handle any scale facilities from pilot plants to commercial plants.

Polymer plant

We offer a synthetic chemistry plant, including distillation, mixing, reaction, and shipment facilities.

We offer tailor-made mixing pilot plant to meet client's requirements with our various and unique mixing vessels such as MAXBLEND.


This section has frequently asked questions about each product. Our Plant Engineering skills can help you resolve common problems.

Do you propose integrated plant which is comprehensively comprised of various process, not only particular process such as main process?
Plant supply range

We deal with not only main process facilities but also sub-facilities for utilities, tanks, raw material handling etc. We have experienced the integrated chemical plant comprised of several unit operations.

Also we have many experience of revamping project and debottleneck project for the exiting plant.

Plant Engineering consultation

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