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Professionalism of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment
Starting from the machinery & plant equipment and iron structural building businesses in Sumitomo Heavy Industries, we have accumulated various achievements by merging and evolving the technologies we have cultivated there.

Voice of Customer

“Sumitomo has the technical strength to handle the core part of polymer reaction.
We have been bothered with adhesion for many years, but thanks to Sumitomo's technical proposal, it was improved to a state without any adhesion at all. We are convinced that Sumitomo's mixing vessel is ideal for operations with high difficulty, such as processes involving liquid level change and interphase processes.”

“Selection of important equipment in the process may be similar to the feelings of getting a lifetime wife.
As well as their high level of expertise, the biggest reason for the selection was “people”. Along with our passion for delivering as good products as possible, they gave us advice again and again, which led to a breakthrough in our technology development.”

Optimal Proposal

Our experienced engineers will propose optimal solutions according to your challenges.

Initial Plan, Basic Design, Detailed Design

Advantages of integrated proposal of agitator, mixing vessels, and internals.Switch
Integrated proposal of agitator, mixing vessels, and internals such as coils, which is possible because of none other than our rich experience and achievements. We will accelerate your business with speedy proposal of total solution that is most suitable for your needs.

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Examples of scaling up (coming soon)


By giving importance to "technology" and "people” and supplying products not compromising on performance and quality, we will ensure customers' trust and satisfaction.

Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction Work

Large-Scale Mixing Vessels Balancing Quality and Cost
-Behind the scenes of manufacturing undertaken from a global perspective-
With many years of efforts, we have accumulated a lot of manufacturing experience even in large mixing vessels exceeding 100 m3. Moreover, since 2001, by promoting collaboration with partner companies in South Korea and China, which have the world's largest manufacturing capacity, we have come to achieve super-large vessel manufacturing and rapid overseas transportation system and to meet various needs.

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Japan Quality to the World (coming soon)

After-sales Service

Our rich experience and achievements are also utilized in our after-sales service. As a partner of our customers, we provide long-lasting peace of mind.

Trial Operation, After-sales Service

Troubleshooting Tackled by All Sumitomo Heavy Industries.
- Turning trouble into a trigger for improvement. In-depth approach to stable operation
of the device.
Problems that occur in mixing vessels are caused by various factors. We are engaged in manufacturing agitators and mixing vessels, as well as motors that drive that equipment, while speed reducers are also handled by our group companies, so we have complete knowledge of mixing vessels as a group. We are able to respond in a versatile manner from development to troubleshooting after delivery.

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