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Technical Services

Engineers of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment, experts of mixing, will help you with the improvement of the mixing process, the establishment of a new process, and performance comparison tests.
We will propose an optimum solution tailored to your agenda. Feel free to consult us.

From a lab and pilot to production. Data collection and performance diagnosis are possible with any processing capacity.

Test impeller fabrication service

When you want to test a state-of-the-art mixing impeller with your existing mixing vessel or with a material difficult to take out

This service creates a custom-order mixing impeller that suits the testing conducted with your own mixing vessel or with a material that is difficult to take outside your company.
We will propose an impeller shape that suits your process, and deliver a custom-order impeller together with a power curve chart.

Supported vessel capacities: 3 to 1000 L
Delivery: Approx. one month

Your own impeller. We will propose an impeller shape that suits your process. Try a state-of-the-art mixing impeller

Test device rental service

If you want to test a state-of-the-art mixing device to your heart's content by yourself

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment have rental devices for testing.
We provide a variety of devices including NANOVisK, a state-of-the-art fine emulsion production device that realizes the nano range of droplets in emulsion, and MAXBLEND, whose unique impeller shape exercises ground-breaking mixing characteristics.


This device realizes nano-level refinement using the coaxial triple-shaft structure.


1. Applicable for wide viscosity range
High shearing is possible even with the liquid viscosity beyond 1,000,000 mPa·s without idling.

2. Enhanced mechanical strength
A short, high-speed shaft is installed in the center of the vessel, offering excellent reliability for wide viscosity range.

3. Reduction of residues when diluted
No center shaft means reduced attached substances.

Rental device capacity: 5 L


With the unique mixing impeller consisting of the united bottom paddle and upper grid, MAXBLEND generates an ideal flow that other impellers cannot realize.


1. Complete mixing in short time
2. Applicable to a wide viscosity range
3. Uniform flow characteristics
4. Excellent heat transfer characteristics
5. Stable performance not affected by changes of the liquid level
6. Uniform solid suspension
7. Few fouling
8. Simple crystal size control
9. Excellent gas-absorption characteristics

Rental device capacity: 100 L


With its ability to adapt to large viscosity changes, SUPERBLEND maintains optimum operations during an abrupt change of viscosity that happens in multi-product production or polymerization.


1. Wide applicable viscosity range
2. Quick adaptation to an abrupt change of viscosity
3. High uniformity of temperature
4. Formation of powerful suction flow in the liquid surface
5. Appropriate slurry suspension
6. Reduction fouling in the vessel

Rental device capacity: 22 L

The technical information page provides an introduction video for each product and application example of MAXBLEND.

Contact us for detail specification of the device and the rental period.

Visiting test

When you want a test to be conducted by a mixing expert, or need to collect data under various operation conditions

Visit us to conduct the test. You will use our experimental facilities with the attendance of a specialized engineer who help you collect data necessary to determine the specification of mixing type of reactors including a separable flask and a production machine.
We also provide various types of impellers and internal devices.

<Examples of tests>
Mixing test (measuring the decolorization time and optimum mixing power and observing stagnant one using a simulated liquid)
Solid-liquid suspension test (measuring the local slurry concentration and the critical suspension power)
Gas dispersion test (measuring kLa and gas holdup)

<Follow-up after the test>
We will simulate the flow condition of the commercial scale of reactor by a scale-down test, and propose the specification of the commercial scale of reactor.

Cost: Depends on the duration, content, and the equipment of the test. Please contact us first.

Test devices

Machine type 20-L cold test machine 200-L cold test machine 3m3 cold machine
Standard liquid amount Approx. 20 L Approx. 200 L 2500L
Material Transparent acrylic Transparent chloroethene SUS304 & transparent PC
Rating temperature Normal Normal Normal
Rating pressure Normal Normal Normal
Motor rating 0.4 3.7 15.0
Device overview

Technical Services consultation

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