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Products & Solutions

To reliably meet customer needs, we are always looking to new fields based on our past experience and current technological capabilities.

Mixing Vessels

We offer mixing vessels tailored to your needs based on our past experience and current technological capabilities.

Coke Oven Machines

We have been manufacturing mobile machines for 50 years and will continue to meet customer expectations well into the future.

We develop new products, remodel existing machines, and perform maintenance tailored to each customer, as well as produce mobile coke oven machines.

Plant Engineering

Integration of core technology and engineering solutions

We propose our best performance for chemical industries with integration of our engineering solution and our core technologies such as mixing process, reaction process and distillation process, those are substantiated with our several decades career in the plant engineering fields.
We perform best engineering services at any phase from initial planning of chemical plant through detail design, construction, maintenance services for pilot plants, commercial plants etc.

Distillation Technology

Distillation Technology

Towards chemical industries, we contribute with our distillation technology in all phases such as basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.
We offer solutions for distillation plant with our distillation technologies, optimizing packed column with structured packing, random packing and/or tray column.
Recently we highlight the energy-saving distillation column, Column-In-Column, known as DWC or Divided Wall Column for the multicomponent separation process, and increase its deliveries.
Also as the key component of distillation technologies, we supply our "SFLOW", structured packing, and our several decades experience substantiates quality of structured packings and our capability on distillation field.

Liquid-Liquid Extractor

Liquid-Liquid Extractor, having high throughput capability and suitable for high theoretical plate process.

Sumitomo's reciprocating-type liquid-liquid extractor, having high throughput capability and suitable for high theoretical plate process, are applied widely to extraction process in various fields such as the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and nonferrous metal industry.

Coke Drum & Pressure Vessels

We provide high-quality pressure vessels worldwide, focusing on coke drums.

We handle a wide range of customer needs and employ a stringent quality assurance system using structural design and manufacturing technologies based on our vast experience and solid accomplishments. Additionally, we offer inspection, diagnosis, and welding repair services.

Steel Structures

We offer high-tensile strength steel welding technology that we gained from construction of the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge.

Large-scale canning and welded products using world-class facilities

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