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Realization of nano-level refinement using the innovative concentric 3-shaft mechanism.


Image of droplet corpuscles
Optical microscope (100x)

Features of NANOVisK

  1. 1. Applicable for high viscosity (High shearing is possible even with the liquid viscosity beyond 1,000,000 cp without idling)
  2. 2. Enhanced mechanical strength (A short, high-speed shaft is installed in the center of the vessel, offering excellent reliability for high viscosity.)
  3. 3. Reduction of residues when diluted (No center shaft means reduced attached substances.)

Video on NANOVisK features

NANOVisK—Sumitomo's fine particle production device that realizes nano-level refinement using the coaxial triple-shaft structure.
The video shows the features of NANOVisK.

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