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We constantly endeavor to acquire new technical capabilities in order to satisfy customer needs, and always meet challenges as they arise.

Beginning with machinery and plant equipment, and steel structure business of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., we have acquired numerous capabilities by integrating technologies developed in these areas and then improving them.

We currently handle enviroment and infrastructure division in SHI Group, and are involved in distillation and extraction equipments and mixing and pressure vessels for the oil and chemical industries. In addition, we offer coke oven machines for the iron-steel industries and steel structure, along with large steel cans and structures used in harbors and for flood control.

As a core company providing chemical engineering machinery in Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., we try to enhance synergy between SHI Group companies. Our business model employs technology to drive operations with personnel acting in support of the technology. This model has allowed us to closely maintain the quality of our products, satisfying customers and developing trust.

In the future, as a member of SHI Group, we will continue to adhere to proper compliance regulations, maintain safety and involve ourselves in environmentally conscious activities.

We appreciate your support and patronage.

President Shigeru Tajima