Distillation & Liquid-Liquid Extractor Technical Services

We support the study of distillation process and/or propose process improvement at the initial planning stage or basic design stage.
We can offer various services, such as process proposal with process simulator and pilot plant test with actual process liquid etc.

Process design support

Utilizing process simulators (Aspen Plus®, SimSci PRO/IITM), we support the process design for our own distillation system, Divided Wall Column, as well as for various distillation processes.
We propose the optimal facility which is not only the packed column of our own structured packing, SFLOW, but also tray column and related equipment around main column, with studying distillation process and/or process improvement.

Aspen Plus® is a registered trademark of Aspen Technology, In(*) Pilot plant specification;c.
SimSci PRO/IITM is a trademark of Schneider Electric Software, LLC.

Pilot plant test

We can conduct pilot plant test with actual process liquid to obtain the necessary data and to verify process condition for designing commercial plant. In case of our own Divided Wall Column, we review process with process simulator and conduct pilot plant(*) test to study the commercial plant specifications.

(*) Pilot plant specification;
Continuous operation : available
Pressure range : 1.3(kPaAbs) - Atmospheric

Trial equipment (FFPLUS)

FFPLUS improves the performance of the reboiler, one of the main equipment for the distillation process.
Trial equipment of FFPLUS can be used to confirm the effectiveness of FFPLUS with actual process liquid.