Mixing vessels Technical Services

Production process improvement Production process improvement

Production process

Customized to optimal specifications Customized to optimal specifications

Customized to optimal

Performance confirmation before purchase Performance confirmation before purchase

Performance confirmation
before purchase

Data acquisition and performance check are available for all processing capacity from laboratory scale to commercial scale of equipment.

Engineers of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment, experts of mixing,
will help you with the improvement of the mixing process,
the establishment of a new process, and performance comparison tests.

We will propose an optimum solution tailored to your agenda. Feel free to consult us.

From a lab and pilot to production. Data collection and performance diagnosis are possible with any processing capacity.

STEP!! for Mixing Equipment Optimization

General study steps to determine
optimal specifications
for mixing equipment

STEP 01 Consultation

Please tell us about your current problems and what you want to improve.
We will confirm "current problems and issues" and "the purpose of mixing".


STEP 02 Exploring Factors

We will explore "current problems and issues" based on our clients' and our own experience.

Exploring Factors

STEP 03 Development of Countermeasures

Narrow down factors in consideration of priorities and formulate countermeasures.
Estimate and schedule confirmation

Development of Countermeasures

STEP 04 Review and Verification
of Proposed Countermeasures

The measures we have developed will be verified in one or more of the following areas.

Desk Review

Verification based
on our past experience.

Consideration of mixing power
Setting up mixing power to fit the purposes, selection of motor capacity
Consideration of heat transfer performance
Calculation of temperature rise time in mixing vessel


Verification by
general-purpose thermal hydraulics
analysis software

・Flow, Concentration, Heat transfer


Test Impeller Fabrication Service

Verification with your existing
mixing vessel or with
a material difficult to take out

This service creates a custom-order mixing impeller that suits the testing conducted with your own mixing vessel or with a material that is difficult to take outside your company.
We will propose an impeller shape that suits your process, and deliver a custom-order impeller together with a power curve chart.

Supported vessel capacities: 3 to 1000 L
Delivery: Approx. one month

Test Device Rental Service

Verification with mixing equipment
under real-life conditions

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment have rental devices for testing.
We provide a variety of devices including NANOVisK, a hybrid mixing device that realizes the nano range of droplets in emulsion, and MAXBLEND, whose unique impeller shape exercises ground-breaking mixing characteristics.

Visiting Test

Verification through
visualization tests tested
by mixing experts

Visit us to conduct the test. You will use our experimental facilities with the attendance of a specialized engineer who help you collect data necessary to determine the specification of mixing type of reactors including a separable flask and a production machine.
We also provide various types of impellers and internal devices.

Examples of tests
  • Mixing test
    measuring the decolorization time and optimum mixing power and observing stagnant one using a simulated liquid
  • Solid-liquid suspension test
    easuring the local slurry concentration and the critical suspension power
  • Gas dispersion test
    measuring kLa and gas holdup

STEP 05 Optimal Proposal for Mixing Equipment

  • Based on the above verification results, we will propose an optimized mixing system to solve your problem.
    《Proposal Items》
    Required mixing power, Motor rated capacity, Heat transfer, Complete mixing time, Mixing impeller,
    Presence and shape of jacket and internals
  • Submission of report and experimental results
  • Proposal of actual equipment specifications
Optimal Proposal for Mixing Equipment