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Realization of solid particle suspension and floating with compact drive unit.

LtBLEND is a simple impeller that utilizes a general-purpose inclined paddle employing the latest CFD technology.
It efficiently forms a flow field, enabling the floating of solid particles from the tank bottom

Features of LtBLEND

  1. 1. Has a compact size (low torque) (Reduces initial costs and running costs.)
  2. 2. Realizes high degree of local-suspension with low power (Enhances productivity, and reduces the running cost.)
  3. 3. Reduces maintenance thanks to a smaller impeller area (Reduces maintenance costs.)

Comparison with general-purpose paddle

- Simple two blades shape.
- Using the latest CFD technology, we’ve optimized the pitched paddle to improve local suspension performance.
- With the impeller surface area small, impeller maintenance is reduced.

Low suspension power

- Liquid flow is formed efficiently and locally.
Particle floating from the tank botom are possible at low power input
Compared to pitched PADDLE, a suspension can be achieved at 45% power of the pitched PADDLE (our testing).

LtBLEND consultation

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