Mixing Vessels Application Examples

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Provided here is the information on the mixing techniques of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment such as the information of various experiments and verification results.

CHECK POINT 01 Main Industry Fields

  • Chemical
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Coating
  • Adhesive
  • Grease
  • Agrochemical
Mixing target Process and operation Product and application example
Solid-Liquid mixing Suspension polymerization PVC, PS and Superabsorbent polymer
Crystallization Cooling crystallization, Reaction crystallization and Concentrated crystallization
Salting out and acidifying-out operation Deposition tank for ABS and Crumb former
Powder or Resin dissolution PVA, Cellulose acetate and lignin
Liquid-Liquid mixing Liquid mixing ABS, PVC paste, Vinyl acetate and Acrylic emulsion
Solution polymerization BR, AS and Thermoplastic elastomer
Bulk polymerization PS, PMMA and Spandex
Dehydration condensation Biodegradable polymer
Gas-Liquid mixing Hydrogenation, Chlorination reaction Polymer hydrogenation, Oils and fats
EO or PO addition reaction Surfactant
High-viscosity gas absorption reaction Thermoplastic elastomer
High-viscosity cultivation Biopolymer and Biocellulose