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Realization of high gas absorbability with more compact drive unit.

RfBLEND realizes a compact drive unit thanks to high performance and low torque.
It produces high gas absorbability to mix gas and liquid with low viscosity or high gas flow rate.

Features of RfBLEND

  1. 1. Has a compact size (low torque) (Reduces initial costs and running costs.)
  2. 2. High gas absorbability (Enhances productivity thanks to increased gas flow rate.)
  3. 3. Stable performance that is not affected by variations in the gas flow rate (Reduces oscillation or motor trip risks.)

Comparison with conventional impeller

RfBLEND is an impeller that is more compact and excellent for gas absorbability while maintaining mixing performance equivalent to the general-purpose turbine model.

Comparison of gas absorbability

RfBLEND has high gas absorbability compared with the conventional turbine model. It maintains low power and stable mixing performance even when a large amount of gas is present.

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