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Distillation & Liquid-Liquid Extractor

Q. Utilizing the idle column for process innovation.
Recently we increase our experience to convert the existing conventional column into Column-In-Column system for process innovation or saving-energy.
For some cases, the existing column was idle due to the client's business circumstances change.
Q. To enhance the separation performance of the existing distillation column.
There are cases which has been achieved by utilizing the existing column with changing the tray column to SFLOW packed column, or upgrading the packing and internals of the existing packed column to high-performance packing and internals.
We design and support revamping of the existing column.
Q. looking for an energy-saving process rather than distillation.
You can save energy by applying extraction process that require no thermal energy.
However a third component must be added to the process in case of extraction, you can save energy by changing the part of distillation process to the extraction process.
Especially this idea helps saving-energy for dehydration operations such as extracting high-boiling components from water solutions.
Q. Examining extraction for the process which is difficult to be separated by distillation.
An efficient extraction process can be applied to an azeotropic system, a system which the boiling points difference is small, or a system which product qualities, such as color or fragrance, is affected by heat.