Mixing Vessels LvBLEND

Realization of high subdivision performance in a more compact drive unit.

Original impeller with an inclined circular arc shape.
High shearing is produced for low viscosity or liquid-to-liquid mixing.
Multistage operation is performed using the optimal impeller diameter and inclination angle depending on mixing needs.

Features of LvBLEND

  1. Has a compact size (low torque) (Reduces initial costs and running costs.)
  2. Reduces running time thanks to a high shearing function (Enhances productivity and improves yield.)
  3. Contributes to improved product quality (Lump-free and high-quality product finishing.)

CHECK POINT 01 Comparison with paddle

LvBLEND is an impeller with excellent refinement characteristics while maintaining mixing performance equivalent to the conventional paddle.

CHECK POINT 02 Comparison of droplet refinement performance

LvBLEND has better droplet refinement performance than the conventional paddles thanks to the high shearing effects.

[Test condition]

  • Oil phase volume fraction: 1vol %
  • Agitation for 20 min. with constant power