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Technical Information

This page introduces application examples of the technologies and techniques of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment.
We continue to take on challenges in new fields based on our past results and technical capabilities that can be considered trustworthy.

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Provided here is the information on the mixing techniques of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment such as the information of various experiments and verification results.

Solid-Liquid Mixing


Keywords: optimization of particle size distribution, larger particle size, particle size control

Discharging Slurry

Keywords: reduction of operation time, reduction of the load on the post-process, stabilization of suspension under liquid level changes

Acid Coagulation

Keywords: reduction of physical fragmentation of particles, reduction of scattering of fine particles, reduction of static electricity

Suspension Polymerization

Keywords: heat transfer improvements, enhancement of flow velocity at vessel walls, larger particle size

Liquid-Liquid Mixing

Solution Polymerization

Keywords: reduction of fouling within mixing vessel, reduction of maintenance time

Emulsion Polymerization

Keywords: improvement of product yield, reduction of cleaning time

Different Viscosity

Keywords: shortening of polymerization process, uniform mixing in a wide range of viscosity

Different Viscosity

Keywords: Liquids of different viscosities, Mixing performance, Dispersion

Gas-Liquid Mixing

Addition Reaction

Keywords: improvement of gas absorption performance, reduction of operation time, improvement of reaction rate

Addition Reaction

Keywords: stabilization of the flow pattern, cooling water temperature control, improvement of gas absorption performance

Addition Reaction

Keywords: shorter operation time, slender tank, high liquid depth


Keywords: reduction of operation time, gas involvement from the gas-liquid interface

Mixing course: Useful clues for the mixing beginners—Better Mix, Better Process—

Product introduction Movies

Introduction Movie for MAXBLEND

MAXBLEND : Innovative mixing characteristics created by original impeller shape

MAXBLEND : Innovative mixing characteristics created by original impeller shape
By means of adopting a unique impeller shape, MAXBLEND can provide an ideal flow that cannot be realized with other conventional impellers. Since its launch in 1985, we have delivered about 2,000 units and used for a variety of applications, including low and high viscosity mixing, solid dispersion, gas absorption and emulsion polymerization.
In this movie, you can easily understand the ideal flow pattern and features of MAXBLEND.

Watch this movie

Introduction Movie for SUPERBLEND

SUPERBLEND : Stable uniform mixing performance in a wide range of liquid viscosity

SUPERBLEND : Multi-purpose mixing equipment exceeding the limits of the applicable range of viscosities.
Coaxial dual mixer consisting of MAXBLEND for the inner impeller and helical ribbon for the outer impeller.
Two different types of impeller are combined by a concentric coaxial mechanism to extend the viscosity region of liquid to treat.
In this movie, you can easily understand the mixing mechanism and features of SUPERBLEND.

Watch this movie

Sumitomo's Low Torque Type Impeller Line-up


Line-up of low-torque impellers of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment with voice explanation by an engineer. The following three products are explained:

Pursues high mixing performance as a substitute for conventional inclined paddle impeller.
Pursues high gas absorption performance as a substitute for disk turbine impeller or scaba impeller.
Pursues less dispersion suspension power as a substitute for propeller impeller or pitched paddle impeller.


Seminar Movie “Sumitomo's Mixing Equipment Line-up” at Interphex Osaka 2017

Sumitomo's Mixing Equipment Line-up

You can see the Movie of Product and Technology Seminar “Sumitomo's Mixing Equipment Line-up” held in Interphex Osaka 2017.
The following products are explained, respectively:

Part 1:
MAXBLEND, which realizes uniform mixing in a short time

Watch this movie

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