Products & Solutions Mixing Vessels

Product Line up

Application Examples

We introduces application examples of the technologies and techniques based on our past results.

  • Controlling Crystal Diameter in Cooling Crystallization
  • Reduction of Aggregate in ABS Emulsion Polymerization

Plant Engineering

We perform best engineering services at any phase from initial planning of chemical plant through detail design, construction, maintenance services for pilot plants, commercial plants etc.

Technical Services

It is possible to obtain test data under any operating conditions using many kind of test facilities. So, we will can evaluate and propose optimum mixing power as well as equipment specification for scaled-up or scaled-down model.

  • Test impeller fabrication service
  • Test device rental service
  • Visiting test

Mixing Course

The more you learn the mixing, the more mysteries you find.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment, mixing specialist, will provide clear explanations on the basics of mixing techniques and how to select mixing devices.

Related Information

This section introduces the relevant laws and regulations, etc. related to mixing.