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Coke Drum & Pressure Vessels

We provide high-quality pressure vessels worldwide, mainly on coke drums.

We respond to a wide range of customer needs by the establishment of a high level of quality assurance system using structural design and manufacturing technologies based on our abundant experiences and accomplishments. Additionally, we offer inspection, assessment and welding repair services.


  1. 1. Highly durable coke drums.
  2. 2. Reactors using low-alloy steels and materials requiring high-Level welding.
  3. 3. High-quality, ASME-certified pressure vessels.
  4. 4. Comprehensive support, including design, manufacturing and assessment.
  5. 5. Technological development and proposal to improve durability.
  6. 6. Remaining life assessment by numerical analysis.


Dimensions: 9,800 ID × 38,300 L
Plate thickness: 38+3.5 mm
Material: SA387-11-2 + 410S clad

Dimensions: 3,970 ID × 31,920 L
Plate thickness: 140.0 mm
Materials: SA387-22-2 + TP347 overlay

Dimensions: 12,000 ID × 37,350 L
Plate thickness: 49.0 mm
Materials: KD63-M

Dimensions: 3,950 ID × 71,120 L
Plate thickness: 41.0 mm
Materials: SA387-22-1

Dimensions: 5,000 ID × 36,420 L
Plate thickness: 39.0 mm
Materials: SA240-TP340H

Dimensions: 4,370 ID × 32,720 L
Plate thickness: 19.0 mm
Materials: SA516-GR70/SA240-TP304H


Standard oil refining process

Enlarge image

Pressure vessel welding technology (1)

Wide weld overlay by ESW

Pressure vessel welding technology (2)

Highly difficult weld deposit overlay using special materials.

High-temperature TOFD flaw detection test: TOFD inspection while equipment is running using a high-temperature probe and contact medium.

Scanner for inspection while code drum is running: Automatic ultrasonic test system that can be used even while the equipment is operating.

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