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Functional Lineup to Meet User Needs

We design and offer the optimized MAXBLEND impeller shape suited to your needs using our highly developed and diversified processes.

M/B-W type

For high viscosity fluid mixing

Even if high viscosity is advanced, a primary circulating flow with a high peak is formed, enabling uniform mixing in the vessel.

During actual operation, a reduced secondary circulating flow (collateral circulation flow) results in effects such as a reduction of attached substances or abnormal reactants, or uneven heat transfer.

M/B-R type

For high liquid depth

This impeller circulates liquid in one flow, from the vessel bottom to the liquid surface, by up to 2.5 times the liquid depth of the vessel diameter ratio, enabling quick homogeneous mixing in the vessel.

M/B-G type

For aerated mixing

This impeller realizes both high shear characteristics (to fine bubbles) and high circulation characteristics (for efficient gas hold-up), enabling a high level of gas absorbability that was impossible with conventional impeller models.

Development of "MAXBLEND" Specialized in Various Operations

This paper explains the basic characteristics and performance evaluation of high viscosity fluid mixing MAXBLEND (M/B-W type), high liquid depth mixing MAXBLEND (M/B-R type), and aerated mixing MAXBLEND (M/B-G type) using experimental data.

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